Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Very cute little one......

It's my neice's birthday soon and I was asked to put this little birthday invite together for her in the theme of Peppa Pig as that's her favourite at the moment! Everytime she see's it she makes the piggy noise! She's so cute I just had to share it with you.....

Monday, 23 May 2011

Brighton and Hove Artists Open Houses....

This week end we went to Brighton and Hove for their annual Artists Open Houses event where all the local artists open their houses and studios to let you in and see their amazing work.

There's a lot to see with over 254 venues on their map so we picked a few areas and hit them with full force, leaving us incredibly party pooped but full of inspiration at the end of the week end.

Here are a few of my favourites that I saw along the way....

My favourite prints were at the Ink Spot Press which had a mixture of amazing and incredibly professional prints. The kind that I one day hope to be able to create!

Hebe Vernon-Morris' prints at the Printhouse:

Thea Telfords
work at Betty and Friends:

This was an amazing house and collection of art work, Polish and Pin, where they had a cafe take over their kitchen to supply lovely home made food which you could enjoy on the terraced garden:

Martha Mitchell
at Albert Mews Studio had amazing little tiles with her illustrations on:

Also in the Hove area is Nigel French who had some amazing photography and prints at very reasonable prices. If only it had been pay day!!

This was another amazing house and garden, Deryk Parkin at Stables Studio. The other great thing about the Open Houses is seeing all the amazing houses that people live in, you've probably guessed i'm incredibly nosey : ) but this one is definitely worth going out of your way for a visit.
Another amazing house and great collection of work was at the Dragonfly House, which also has a great picture framer if you need it. This was the work of Vanessa Rattray which I love, with the kind of detail on her pictures that you can stare at for ages and always see something new.

I couldn't leave without getting something so on one of our last visits I got a piece of pottery from Bebe Bird at the Hummingbird Studio for my birthday next week. I absolutely love it and got to talk to the artist who created it, mainly about my clumsiness and how not to break it in future! I'll post a pic in situ when I receive it, hopefully all in one piece!!


Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Thanks to everyone....

who popped along to see us on Friday night at the E17 Designers Spring Market.

It was the usual last minute panic for us we rushed around trying to get everything together and even wrapping new works of art just as we were about to leave but we managed to scrape through the doors and get set up just in time. So after a manic rush to get there it was a really lovely relaxed evening with great music supplied by local band The Stowicks and some great cakes from Susie's kitchen!

Here's a few pics from the night.....

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Where does all the time go.....

Feels like we haven't been creative enough lately, especially with trying to sell my flat and buy a house it seems like the past couple of months have flown by! Which reminds me why is it that when you sell your place it's the tidiest, cleanest and best it's ever looked?! Will have to pretend that we're selling our house when we move in so that it stays in the same lovely condition : )

But we have been doing bits inbetween. Here are some silk scarves I made, I actually made loads as I got a bit addicted but have packed those away for Friday's E17 Designers market and these ones are yet to be packaged up.

I love using subtle tones so that when you look at some you can see subtle hints of a variety of colour coming through, like this middle one....

Here is a bundle of new cards from my sketches.....

A few of my faves....

And here is a new stash based on some mixed media work I created for an Art Trail event at the William Morris Gallery, so yep you guessed it inspired by William Morris (apart from the print of Boats which was taken from my holiday snaps in Morrocco).

I'm hoping to be doing some new prints as I love printing and just haven't been doing enough lately! But where to find the time! I did get some good advice from Etsy (check it out: so hopefully i'll get there step by step and i'll be showing you some new prints soon, well that's the plan : )