Saturday, 19 July 2014

Gotta love.....

pininterest! It's a little obsession of mine since breastfeeding, it was a god send keeping me awake in the early hours. I just love seeing what other people create and then getting ideas and inspiration.

So we were having an issue with Eloise's books in her bedroom when I stumbled on this great idea on pininterest using Ikea spice racks.....

Take one chest of drawers + Ikea spice racks+ gloss paint + new handles + paint old handles...... voila!


Works perfectly and Eloise can grab books whenever she likes, although she still makes us get them for her : )

Thursday, 17 July 2014

At last.....

I have finally finished my DTLLS course which I have been doing over the past 2 years and I am very glad to say I am now a fully qualified teacher! It's been hard work, having a baby in the middle definitely did not help, but I am finally finished and free to pass on my creative knowledge to all and sundry!

So this also means the end of the academic year where I have loved doing some Family Learning workshops in new schools. Which means I got to meet new and very creative families. We decorated plant pots and planted sunflower seeds, I did mine below with Eloise which she loved and as you can tell I added a few finishing touches without her!

I also did lots of jewellery making workshops and made a variety of bracelets. These were some of my samples, with some really basic designs. Eloise absolutely loved playing with the beads and then all the bracelets, needless to say I lost a lot of samples but it sure does make little girls (and boys) very happy!!