Thursday, 13 January 2011

Well I have nearly finished the two pieces for the Embroidery Guilds exhibition.

Wendy bought white canvas for all the Guild members to take home and then sew whatever way they wanted, the only clause being that it had to be white. I started well and all was looking white until I thought why not add some iridescent white sequins and some iridesce
nt machine embroidery, both seem to be white but then I discovered they change to pink when being used!! Oops so I’ve broken the rules already and I’ve only just started!

They should have been handed in on Saturday but I have been so busy that I haven’t managed to finish them but they are nearly there. Here are some pics…..

The grey one I am calling French beach. I bought an experimental pack by Stef Francis from Craft Arena and with my embellisher made a background with the pack. I love using the embellishing machine as its so quick and easy. I then took it to France to sew but I didn’t do much sewing, having too much fun on my bike! So it seems like I have been working on it for ages and at long last I now have to take it off to the framers for them to put in a box frame.

The Guild Exhibition is called Stitched Up and it runs from 08/02/11 till 18/02/11 It’s being held at the Visual Arts Centre, Romford. For more information please go to the Romford Embroiders Guild web site and look under exhibitions.


Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Getting over Christmas......

I had some good news before Christmas from the William Morris gallery to say that they had sold my work. I was so pleased to have sold an expensive piece of work at such a great gallery plus the money came in handy for Christmas! So after such a great Christmas I’m now a bit sad that it is over. However I am still hanging on a bit as I bought the new Annie Lennox C.D ‘Christmas Cornucopia’ and keep playing it, I just love it.

This years Christmas food success were Gina’s mince pies. Just before Christmas I did a very enjoyable workshop with her when she came to the Embroiders Guild in Romford. She told me about the mince pies she makes and said her recipe is on her blog, Fan my flame. Every one who came round said they were delicious. If you ever get the op
portunity to do a work shop with her I would say do it as not only did I come away with a delightful book I also got a recipe for very good mince pies.

This year five of us from the guild have decided to do an A.T.C swap every month. The theme this month was New Year and I decided to theme mine on my New Year resolution diet. I do this every year and only usually last until February, hopefully this year will be better and I might last until March!

This was my selection of Diet A.T.C's.....

And these are the lovely colourful ones I received.......


Tuesday, 4 January 2011

New Year Resolutions......

I came across this and thought it would help all you lovely creative people out there to stick to your new years resolutions or even if you've fallen already it will make you feel better and hopefully give you a touch of inspiration....

It's from the women in business website but I don't see why it can't help to inspire men as well : )