Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Exhibition at Hornchurch Country Park Visitors Centre.....

On Sunday we had our exhibition at Hornchurch Country Park Visitors Centre, Ingrebourne Valley. This was a chance for all the learners from my Drawing class, Watercolour class and Painting and Drawing class to display their work in their first exhibition. 

I have to say I was so proud of them all as it looked absolutely fantastic. They've all worked incredibly hard and the results were amazing. Most of the learners are all complete beginners and haven't picked up a paintbrush or pencil since leaving school, which make their achievements even more applaudible.  

Some close ups of all their pieces..... It was really nice seeing the learners develop their own style during the courses and I love the wide range which you can see here

It was always great to see their work in class but then to see the pieces framed or mounted for the exhibition was even more special.

My little section including the robin we did in one watercolour class....

It really was a lovely day especially as all the learners brought their friends and family to share the day too. The work is now going to be used for the Student Achievement night at Havering Adult College too, another great opportunity to celebrate their hard work. 

I cant wait for September to see their work develop further and meet some new students too.