Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Family Learning Out of This World.....

Last week Havering Adult College had a Family Learning festival with the theme 'Out of This World'. There were lots of creative and scientific workshops planned and I did a morning of creating your own 'out of this world' costume, where the very sweet girls chose fairy wings. We had very creative and imaginative fairies including a Christmas fairy and a protector of the Unicorns fairy.

and then in the afternoon we did some marbling madness using the Marbling 4 Fun paints which are perfect for kids as they are non toxic and so easy to get everyone started.......

Everybody did amazing creations, some of the patterns and colours used were not only beautiful and inspiring but looked like planets and the galaxy. Marbling is a very addictive, calm and enjoyable process to do not only for the whole family but also for any adults out there in need of a little me time!

Lots of fun was had by all and the adults all went home with happy children, what more could you ask for!

Monday, 3 November 2014

Gotta love....

having a little sister, especially one that is in full time employment and enjoying spending her money which means fun times out! So this time she had a spare ticket for a glass of champers and a sharing platter at Tower 42 Vertigo bar, don't mind if I do, even if I wasn't the first choice of guest but who's quibbling when it's free! 

First stop for a little bit of culture was to see the poppy installation, Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red, at the Tower of London which I have been meaning to go and see for ages. So off we set on a day in half term, just when the sun was setting over the city which was beautiful to find it absolutely crowded. We squeezed through to take a few pictures.....

The vast scale leave a big impact and they really do seem to ooze out of the Tower like blood. It was just a shame it was so busy as it would have been nice to experience it with some peace and calmness. 

We then walked towards Vertigo Bar taking in the sights of the city including Lloyds and the gherkin, which has a little cute Lego model outside at the moment. I love walking around the city especially the East End, I love its narrow streets that are filled with beautiful and unusual buildings and its higgledy piggledy feel. 

Here's hoping she's feeling generous again sometime soon!

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Printing night.....

I'm going to be at this event with my trusty printing press, lino tools and equipment for you all to have a little go and maybe make your own little designs. Do I dare say it and tell you Christmas is approaching so you can even print your very own Christmas card!

So come along and enjoy a night of local artists and crafts peoples, have a go or just come and enjoy the atmosphere!