Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Watercolour class what we've been up to.....

This year I was excited to start a new 10 week watercolour class at Havering Adult College. So far we're half way through and I thought I'd share what we've been up to.

We started off with a simple landscape image.....

 Then we looked at a tonal study, this was taken from a trip to New Zealand. I love derelict buildings and this was a great example. Painted in Payne's Grey, my new favourite colour to use.

We then took a limited palette to complete a tree. The great thing with watercolour painting is the different effects you can use. I love wet on wet backgrounds where the colours blend beautifully. Then using a dry brush for images and layering different colours.

We had some fun experimenting with wax resists the salt technique. 

And more fun with masking fluid and the alcohol technique.....

After half term we're going to look at an architectural detail using a photo I took of St.Paul's. Sometimes the hardest thing with art is knowing when to stop. I started this painting with loose wet on wet colours blending into one another and I loved the effect but then I kept going, adding more and more detail.

So I went back and started again with a loose sketchy style which I love.

If you like the look of what we're up to and want to come and have a go the next course is on 19th April. Click here for more details.
If it looks a bit complicated, not to worry as I break down every image step by step and demonstrate all the techniques so anyone can attempt it from complete beginners to those wanting to brush up their skills.

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Watercolour class.....

Last year I was lucky enough to teach some art classes for Havering Adult College which I am absolutely loving. I have a Tuesday morning watercolour class at the Bower Park Centre and we started off experimenting with Brusho. 

I loved playing with all the colours and here some of the results. If you've never experimented with Brusho it is great fun as you literally watch the colours explode on your paper, however because of this you can't really control them and you never know what you're going to end up with. This can either be exciting if you go with the flow or a little frustrating if you had an idea in your head of how you wanted it to go.

We also did a simple seascape image, this was taken at Holywell Bay in Cornwall where we had an amazing holiday in the summer. It definitely brings back happy memories when I see this.....

We also attempted a country landscape image....

And to finish the course, just in time for Christmas we painted a festive little robin. The other students finished theirs with backgrounds and the snowy log he was stood on which completed the picture so when I get the chance I shall take inspiration from the students and try to finish him maybe in time for next Christmas!

When teaching art it's amazing to see the creativity in the classroom and the fact that everybody's work looks completely different as they add their own styles and interpretations. I was really proud of what they achieved especially as most had not picked up a paintbrush since they were a child. I'll try to get some pictures of their amazing work to share.