Sunday, 25 January 2009

William Morris workshop - working progress...

I've started sampling for the William Morris Class.

I visited William Morris' house, many times as it's so nice, to get some inspiration and take some pictures to get me started for the class.

I always start off with colour. This was the picture that I loved:

Which I then experimented with various painting techniques in similar colours using transfer paints:

I then looked at a colour study for some images that I liked:

From that picture I then started on my own line drawings:

Then I experimented with paint techniques using transfer paints:

New Year already.........


Can't believe its 2009 already and its been so long since our last blog.

Before Christmas we took part in the E17 Designers Christmas market - which was a great night.

To see some photos of the goodies on sale for the night go to:
The atmosphere was great and definitely merry from the mulled wine, music and the goodie bags that were raffled throughout the night.

The designer markets are a great social event as well as a great chance to pick up some lovely bits, so if you're in the area make sure to pop along to the next one.

Our New Years resolution is to blog more often and keep you all informed as to what we're up to at the moment, as requested by lots of you.

So to start the new year Sharon is preparing her workshop at the William Morris gallery:

Kirsten has been working on a commission. After seeing an artwork on our website someone requested for a larger version. After a slow start its really coming along, pictures appearing soon of working progress.