Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Happy New Year

It's a little late but we've been hit with the usual winter bugs and have been couped up in bed. But apparently cupcake cures depression so after a mammoth cupcake session with my sister, that included 8 huge bars of chocolate, i'm now feeling back on track with a fridge full of cupcakes to keep me company!

Image came from fffound, a great site for lots of inspiration.

I did get a great Nikon SLR digital camera for christmas so when I felt brave enough to embrace the cold I went and got snap happy! Here is one of my favourite pictures that I took at Richmond Park of the parakeets near the river. I still find it crazy the amount that live in the wild over there but it's great to see them.

This is a basic sketch from my picture, I love to simplifly images as much as possible to create something striking. I then worked into a rough etching which i'm hoping will be really delicate.

Here's another of my favourite pictures that i'm working on for another print.

I'll post the outcome as soon as I get onto it. Which reminds me of my New years resolution, to finish things i've started!!