Tuesday, 17 September 2019

I'm starting a new venue......

My Thursday art classes are getting really popular, so much so that I can't fit everyone in. So I'm starting a new venue at Fairkytes Art Centre in Hornchurch on Tuesday mornings. So my art class that I teach on a Thursday morning which covers a wide range of media will be repeated on a Tuesday morning.

I'm excited to start a new venue and at Fairkytes which has been an art and cultural hub in Havering for years now. We'll be based in the art room overlooking the garden. Plus I've just bought a new toy, a projector, so I can show everyone inspiring artists along with step by step instructions for anything we're working on. So if you're interested in joining us get in touch and pop along.

I'm running them on a pay as you go basis, which everyone is loving as you only pay for the sessions you can make. 

Here's a little outline of what we'll be covering.....

Monday, 16 September 2019

Exhibition at Ingrebourne Valley Visitors Centre, Hornchurch Country Park

Ingrebourne Visitors Centre at Hornchurch Country Park, where I teach my weekly art classes, kindly let me have the room for the day to have an exhibition on Saturday showcasing all of the work we've been creating. There was amazing artworks, as you can see, and I'm so proud of them all! There were so many positive comments from the public which just makes me even prouder especially when some were too nervous to put anything in. Plus they sold a few pieces too, adding a cheery on top of the icing!

Guess whose work I forgot on the day? My own mother!! Yep which was all framed and sitting in my house well before the exhibition. So a little dash back to the house from my other half, a re-jiggle of the work and she was in, receiving loads of positive comments for her lion! 

I even had a table set up to do some drawing and painting on the day, which of course the kids loved. It's funny how adults get too embarassed to join in whereas children have no worries whatsoever. 

Thursday, 25 April 2019

Classes at Hornchurch Country Park...

We had some great last sessions to the Winter course. I finished off the morning in the park, we were very lucky as the sun came out to make a glorious morning painting for us. Everybody did fantastically adding their own unique style into their work from colours to brush strokes. I think everyone is always surprised when they see everyone else's work because we all have the same view but the work is so different from each other. That's one of the great things I love as an art teacher, everyone putting their own personality into their work without even realising.

Then for the afternoon class we had to stay inside as it was cold, wet and miserable to paint outside but we soon brightened things up with our colourful honesty paintings inspired by Jane Betteridge. I got everyone to chose colours they were drawn to on the day and the results were amazing. Again the colours people chose definitely reflect their personalities.

I've just finished the outline for the next course and it sounds exciting and challenging. I've tried to put a mixture of subjects including ones that need no drawing and others a little more challenging. If you've been watching the Big Painting Challenging on BBC you can see what happens when artists are challenged it helps them to progress.
So come and get creative in a fun and friendly art class at Hornchurch Country Park, Thursday afternoons 12.45- 14.45pm, £10 per session.

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

We're nearly there.....

My new art classes start next week and I'm really excited to get creative again. Christmas has flown by in a flash and I've had a great break with the family but time to stop eating chocolate, stop watching Christmas dramas and start to get creative!

I'm especially excited as I'll have more time to myself this term to work on my own projects...watch this space. I cant remember the last time I actually painted something just because I wanted to rather than for a lesson or a deadline. 

There's still spaces so if you want to come and get creative just add a comment or email me, kirsten@iaminspired.co.uk. January is the perfect opportunity to put all of those good intentions into practice, so see you there : )