Thursday, 14 April 2016

It was a bit sad this week...

as it was my last session of a 10 week Painting and Drawing class. We had loads of fun and maybe a few hard moments where I pushed them to be creative but the outcomes were amazing. Here are a few pictures of the things we covered. Next term I'm going to take pictures of their amazing work too, if they'll let me : )

One of my most favourite sessions was using ink. We tried a variety of media from coffee stirrers to feathers and dip pens. The marks you can achieve with Ink is very satisfying and free.

Portraits are always hard but the students did amazingly, again I wish I had taken photos of their final pieces! This is my daughter, drawing someone you love is very hard as you become extra critical, but apart from looking like she's wearing lippy and mascara I was really pleased with it. I just need to do my other daughter now!
Then we moved onto painting with acrylic in a traditional style, then onto mixed media with gel medium and finally onto oil paints.

I painted this for my friend who has just moved into a new house. Again I had great fun with a squeegee, roller and finally using a palette knife to paint with. We're going to cover palette knife painting on the next course partly because it was requested but mainly because it's so enjoyable.

We start the new 10 week course next Wednesday and I am really looking forward to it. It's great that most of the learners are carrying on especially as their work continues to grow and improve (I feel like a proud mother hen!) so I cant wait to see what they create next. It's amazing when students start the course declaring that they can't draw or paint and end up finishing with works of art that I would love to have on my wall! 

So if you're interested in coming along it's a lovely, fun and relaxed afternoon at Havering Adult College, Bower Park every Wednesday from 12-2.30pm. Click here for full details if you fancy joining onto our next course.

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