Friday, 23 April 2010

2 years in the making....

and finally it's finished!

So it was about 2 years ago since I promised friends that i'd paint them a picture. I had the ideas all lined up but never actually got round to starting it. Then they announced that they were leaving for Ireland so I had to get my rear into gear and get it moving. I didn't quite make their deadline but i've finished it and just need to send it over.

It's not like anything i've ever done before and there were a few scary moments where I had Dean from Barleylands talk me into just going for it with splattering paint, I think I managed to get more on his floor than on the canvas!!

As it's a picture for a couple it features Josh, a keen rugby player from New Zealand and Axelle, a keen dancer from France. You can't quite see in the photo but there are textured shapes and reference images of their countries making up the background. Then I added both of their flags and home towns and merged it altogether with their favourite colours. I love the way the figures merge into one another considering the contrast between the professions.

I just need to box it up and hope it doesnt get damaged in transit... oh and that they like it!!

Thursday, 15 April 2010

The Bee's Knees

Just over a month now til the E17 Spring Market and it seems everyone is beavering away inspired by the sunshine.

At the market will be new spring items from the Bee's Knees including hairbands and handbags, up-cycled using fused and manipulated plastics and fabric and croched flowers.

Love their bits and want to contact them:

Sneeky preview of their great creations......

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Busy beaver.....

I have been working on a technique for my next class, Textile and Embroidery – Manipulation at Waltham Forest Adult College, and after mastering the technique I decided to turn it into a bag.... tah dah.......
I asked chloe if she liked it and she couldn't believe how you start off with such a big piece of fabric and end up with such a small bag at the end.
It's funny watching it gradually shrink as you keep working into it. But as
I really enjoyed making it and i've got the pile of fabric that I won from Maggie Grey I am thinking of making an even bigger bag. But i'm off to north Norfolk for a few days break tomorrow so watch this space.

Here are some brooches that I made as well for the E17 spring market. Although I never work in these colours it's great to get you in the mood for summer.


Saturday, 3 April 2010

Spot of sunshine

We had a brief moment of sunshine today so I rushed outside to soak up some rays and take a few pictures of our latest felt bowls.......
We've made these especially for the next E17 market.