Monday, 2 November 2015

Autumn sensory bowl......

I saw a sensory bowl on the Imagination Tree, which is an amazing site for children's activities, and thought it was a brilliant idea to put the endless amount of leaves, sticks and conkers that my girls collect every day.

I added food colouring to salt, perhaps not the best idea as we all ended up with orange hands : )
Then I got the girls to add all of their found items from our latest nature walk. The bit they enjoyed the most was writing and drawing on the leaves and conkers. The Montessori side of early years teaching is to do letters and numbers which we did but they loved drawing monster faces on the conkers the most. Perhaps not the most educational but definitely the funniest! I had a white sharpie in my art drawer which was perfect for the conkers. It's very addictive and fun for both little fingers and big!

Eloise with her proud work of art.....
They loved it and it still sits in pride of place on our table.