Sunday, 29 May 2016

Joy of art....

I've always loved art and the more I teach it the more I see the benefits it has on people and no where more so than in this great location. Every Thursday morning I've been teaching a drawing class at Ingrebourne Valley Visitors Centre at South Hornchurch Country Park (yes that very same one that was on the news for the weasel riding woodpecker). These are the views from our windows.....
which creates a flood of great natural lighting in the room.

We can often hear and see the blue tits and great tits right outside the window. This week we even had a heard of cows running along! I'm pleased to say that I'm going to be teaching there next September introducing a little colour with a pastels and paint class (as soon as I know all the details I'll add them on). 

What more could you want...creating in such an inspiring location.

Friday, 27 May 2016

Proud mother hen.....watercolour portraits

I've been feeling like a proud mother hen lately from the learners in my art classes. I love seeing their work develop and progress over the weeks especially from people who haven't picked up a pencil or paintbrush since leaving school. Plus every week never feels like work!

These are some of the portraits the learners made.....

I have to confess that some did use carbon paper. I always show the learners how to draw the subject matter so in this case I showed them how to break down the face. But as the lessons are so short some chose to spend their time concentrating on painting the face

For such a hard subject matter I think they're brilliant.