Wednesday, 24 February 2010

What to do

I was lucky to have been given a Polymetaal printing press for Christmas or rather persuaded into getting one but it makes me happy nevertheless.

As it was bigger and heavier than I expected this gave me the great chance of having a sort out, trying to fit it in somewhere. I managed to fit it into the spare bedroom which is now a lovely print room for us all to enjoy. I think my husband was hoping I would have a big clear out but no I’ve managed to keep hold of everything and re-arrange so it all just fits… well into about 20 boxes in my loft studio!

Whilst going through my things I came across a box of felt that I made when I was doing my City and Guilds Felt Making Level 3 as a part of my staff development.

This was taught by Lizzie Houghton in exactly the same classroom I taught in during the morning which couldn’t have been more perfectly organised. The class was a really lovely group which included Cathy Urwin, who is also one of the e17 designers. Ray Slater, who was also there as part of her staff development and who went on to publish a good book called cloth dolls for textile artists.

Here are three large pieces that I didn’t manage to finish whilst I was there. Now I’m all confused trying to decide what to do with them. Do I throw them away, finish them off, cut them up or should I just sneak them back in the box for another few more years.


Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Balka at the Tate Modern

I managed to scrape myself out of my nice warm flat on Sunday to visit the Tate for some design inspiration. It was quite blustery on the old Millenium bridge, and Chloe nearly froze as I insisted on taking some pictures (I've become very snap happy with my new camera).

Once inside we unwrapped our layers and took a wander. Luckily, there was an installation in the turbine hall, 'How It Is' by Miroslaw Balka, which is the most surreal experience I've encountered with interactive art in a long time. It reminded me of a huge cattle transporting box, the scale is so big it almost reaches the ceiling of the hall, you can just make it out in one of the pictures below. As you walk into the pitch blackness you feel as though everything around you is going to cave in, especially the floor, but then you turn around to the light and the comfort comes flooding back and makes everyone's silhouettes look amazing against the backdrop of the industrial walls. Although it was very creepy i'd definitely recommend going, if only to scare yourself for a split second!

To read more about the installation click here.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Love is in the air....

This year for Valentines I thought i'd show some creative love and print a card for my boyfriend.

So I chose a photo of an anatomical heart and drew it onto my lino, which took all of 5 minutes, then I started to cut into the lino, which made me think that maybe a drawing would have been a better idea! So after soldiering on I finally made it.

So here's a peek at the cutting, which is about 10cm high, so the detail is quite minute.

I like the curve on the arteries running down, it reminds me of a tattoo heart.
I hope he likes it!!


Friday, 12 February 2010

Round Two Lino Printing

Results from round two on my first lino print - now you can actually see the design!!
I think i've almost cracked it so now there will be no stopping me : )


Tuesday, 9 February 2010

My first attempts at lino printing on my own

Since doing the printing course, I've got a bit obsessed with anything print related. So after talking my mum into getting a printing press for christmas (she wanted one as well so it just wasnt my idea, well that's what I tell myself!!) and then spending a fortune in the print shop on inks and paper I thought I had better actually start some prints.

I was happy with my first lino cut and hoped that it would work when printed as I had some really fine lines for details such as the hand and face.

But I don't think i've quite got the hang of the printing process just yet as you can see from my disastrous results. A little more ink and a bit more pressure and I think I might just be getting there. Fingers crossed for round two.


Material girl’s exhibition:

Some of my friends and old students are having an exhibition as part of the Material Girls. I went along today with Jill, one of the exhibitors and friend who I met at college quite a few years ago. Although I was invited to the private view I don’t usually like them as they are usually busy and you don't get a good chance to see the work properly, so I was lucky today and got to view the work at a quiet time.

Jill's recent work in this exhibition is based around skeletons and as we meet up every Monday and work
together I have been living with these skeletons for a while now and have grown to love them. So it was great to see little red spots on over her work and 3 commissions on order, well done Jill!

The other work was good too so if you live near by please pop in. It's at the visual arts centre on Brentwood Road in Romford until Saturday 6th Feb.
Phone for opening times on 01708 447368 ext 238

Sorry the photos aren't that great as I took them on m
y new phone, I think I need a bit more practice!


Tuesday, 2 February 2010

My embellishing class....

is great and I am having lots of fun, so much that i'm getting addicted to my embellishing machine. I signed up for a short on line class with downunderdale. The classes run every two weeks and i'm way behind already as I don't want to finish Lesson 1. Here is what i've been up to already, nothing is finished yet its just working progress to give you a sneaky peek.