Thursday, 15 December 2016

Whirlwind first term....

Phew what a whirlwind of a first term. 

Starting off with missy starting school for the very first time and looking like a giant, definitely has her father's long legs! The reception area of her school got revamped over the summer with the help of volunteers from the Parish and school and they've done an absolutely amazing job. They've introduced a mud kitchen, bug hotel, gardening area, sand pit, theatre, wood working table and outdoor craft area. Needless to say she loves it and who wouldn't? Here she is on her first day climbing one of the tellytubby hills.....

The next big news I recevied was getting into the London Marathon which left me gobsmacked. I never thought I would actually get in so soon. I'm not going to lie the running is hard, very hard but on the plus side I get to see some amazing sights along the way from the changing seasons to a mother swan teaching her signets life skills. I wasn't too keen on the little beige furry thing that ran across my path but he was probably thinking the same about me!

I wouldn't consider where I live to be in the countryside but the wildlife I've seen is amazing including rabbits, parakeets, jays, woodpeckers, white egrets to name a few. Most importantly it makes the running just that little bit easier : )

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