Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Experimenting with felt.....

Unfortunately my felt making class has been postponed until November. So bad news for the people that wanted to start now but good news for anyone still wanting to sign up and have a go. 

So the new start date is now November 5th, yes bonfire night so we may even get a sparkly show outside the window as we felt! It's a 6 week course every Thursday evening at the Bower Park centre at Havering Adult College from 7-9pm. To book call 01708 434 955 or email enquiries-adultcollege@havering.gov.uk, quoting felt making or course code BE43204. 
 I've been playing around manipulating the felt and I have to admit this is my favourite thing to do with felt. As it's an old craft that's re-emerging there are some amazing new and exciting things you can do with the felt.So here's what I've made:

Weaving with strips of pre-felt:

Creating spikes:

Using circle resists: (love this Scandinavian colours)

Making a sushi roll: (I also kept some of these for beads to use as a necklace)

Using a moon resist and strings:

Creating craters with double resists:

Creating more craters with marbles and glass beads: (boy was this one heavy to felt and took a little more elbow grease but it was worth it!)

If you like the look of these and fancy giving it a go then come along to the class and i'll show you how. If you have something specific in mind you wish to create I can also show you how to do it.

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