Saturday, 30 August 2014

Child friendly days out....

If you have young children I think it's quite hard to think of somewhere interesting to go to, the local park just doesn't seem to cut it any more. A few years ago I heard of Barnyards Farm in Essex, as it holds Thomas Heatherwick's "sitooterie", I have been a secret follower of Thomas Heatherwick's since I had the pleasure of seeing his amazing Christmas cards first hand (which are a sight to behold and will make a lot of creative people, like me, very jealous!!)

Anyway back to Barnyards Farm, it's a little hidden gem (and I usually hate that term) but really it is. Not many people know about it which is a shame but also mean you get to enjoy the gardens, sculptures, artworks and tranquil landscape in your space and at your own leisure. The children loved it, the adults loved it, it added a little bit of culture and to top the day off they have their very own miniature railway, a perfect way to end a perfect day.

 The view from the station at the end of the mini railway. I think this shows the Essex countryside in all its idyllic glory.

Mini railway in all its splendour. They have great sculptures along the route to keep all occupied and amused!

 Thomas Heatherwicks "sitooterie" which I had been longing to see. It really lives up to the pictures by its tranquility and serenity, even with our little brood!

If you ever get the chance to go I would definitely recommend it and all the proceeds go towards charity.

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