Friday, 8 February 2013

Long time no hear......

I've been really quiet on the blog front and not posted in months. I've been working as a part-time teacher for Havering Adult College so i've been busy doing Family Learning workshops in schools which I love. The kids are great and its so nice to see them enjoying making things i've designed and they get so proud of their creations. We've been doing a whole variety of arts and crafts including African masks, printing with found objects, Greek Hoplite shields, celebration cards and a whole lot more.

On the home front, Eloise is enjoying being creative too and loves a bit of painting, though she still likes to have a little taste whilst using daddy's favourite t-shirt as a painting apron....

We also found out we're expecting another little girl, so I was a little wiped out at first with morning sickness but luckily its stopped now, though I think I may have just tempted fate!
Kirsten x

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