Friday, 15 July 2011

Better late than never.....

I was going to post some pics ages ago of the vase I got for my birthday, as usual i'm a little late but here it is. The artist has some amazing and affordable pieces so next time you're in Brighton go to the Hummingbird Studios to check her out, Bebe Bird at the Hummingbird Studio.

I've got into making lately and made this cute dolly for the New Zealand Dolly Appeal. The idea being that people make dollies and softies to donate to the little ones whose lives were devastated from the earthquakes. There's lots of good causes to donate to, click here to go to the main site, but I chose New Zealand as my other half is from there. Hopefully it will go to a good home for someone who doesn't mind it coming a bit late!



Matt Langston said...

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nickerjac said...

What a beautiful vase.