Tuesday, 1 March 2011

All quiet on the blogging front......

We've been a bit quiet on the old blog lately as i've just spent a month in New Zealand and my mum still hasn't quite grasped modern day technology!!

So I thought i'd fill you in on a few pics, no not to brag but seeing as my friends and family consider them 'boring pictures' I thought i'd share them with some other arty people who might appreciate them.

To start with.... the reason we went to NZ was for Ben's, Paul's older brother, wedding.
Here is me with Paul, we've just been told to get closer and look like we love eachother for the picture......

The happy couple.....
It was a really beautiful wedding but in typical English weather style it rained all day!! Still didn't stop everyone having a good time.

The landscape is amazing and beautiful with typical scenes like this one.... on a good sunny day!

I got a bit trigger happy taking pics of trees and branches (I think I took over 200 but I won't bore anyone with those!)

The sand dunes at the top of the North Island

Rotorua and the hot springs - though the steam felt like it would take your skin off let alone jumping in for a dip!

Everywhere you go you see forests of timber, then at the dockyards you see hundreds of trunk, which make for great pictures

Some maori art - they use the paua shell to decorate them which bring them to life as the eyes seem to glare at you.

A sculpture piece in Auckland - I think its a famous australian sculpture artist but i'm not sure. It was great walking around the city and stumbling upon something like this.
The lack of people had it's upside, meaning we had our very own private beach, simply amazing and beautiful.

As we drove along we took in a vast amount of amazing scenery, not wanting to annoy Paul and stop every 5 minutes I tried taking shots from the car like this one, this is one of the more successful ones as they're all slightly wonky and I seemed to manage to get a post or tree in the way!!

One of New Zealands oldest building, which is funny as it looks fairly new compared to some of our buildings.

I also managed to hunt down some art deco buildings in the town of Napier. The whole town was wiped out by an earthquake in the 30's so most of it had to be re-built meaning there are amazing art deco buildings throughout the whole town. I love them so much I think i'm going to work on a new set of lino prints.

Lastly some pics of the hippy bus which pulled up every night on the road we were staying in and disappeared every morning, i'd love to know where it went for the day. I thought it looked so cool against the pure blue sky and I love the way it's been painted.

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